Classic Spidey: An Interview With Nate Stockman


Marvel’s new Spider-man series Spidey features adventures from throughout the web-slinging wonder’s younger years, it’s a return to the days of overdue homework, not knowing how to talk to girls (or anybody, really) and just a plenty of danger. Starting with issue 8 (out now!), Nate Stockman (REYN) comes on board as artist drawing classic villains such as Electro and Kraven. I asked him about working on the world famous web crawler.

Who was your go to artist or artists when it came to finding your version of Spider-man?

A lot of my favourite artists have drawn runs on Spidey. My all time favourite is a toss up between Sal Buscema and Erik Larsen. Both were among my earliest experiences with the characters. Honorable mentions go to Romita (Sr and Jr), Ditko of course, Immonen (What can’t he do? What a dreamboat) and recently Ryan Stegman’s work on Superior blew me away.

My favourite thing about Spider-man is the villains and you’re getting to draw a few classic ones. Do you have a favourite?

Picking a favourite villain is HARD. Spidey’s rogues gallery is one of the best in comics. I’ve always had a soft spot for Venom because I grew up reading in the 90s but I think Green Goblin is probably my all time favourite.
These are classic tales. Did you have to research the costumes or did you just go with the classic look?

There was a set costume design in place. It’s slightly tweaked in the shoulders. Apart from that It all comes down to the eyes for me. I think Larsen was probably my biggest influence with them. Super expressive and angular. I actually didn’t look at a huge amount of other Spider work when I got this gig. For one it’s intimidating! And I didn’t want to be too influenced by anything. I wanted to try and go in with my own version of Spidey from my head.

Are there any other villains you’d like a shot at?

Oh man, Pick one. There’s a long list of baddies I’d love to draw. I’ll be scratching a few itches on the villain list for sure though. If you pick up issue 8 you’ll get a clue or two!

You’re also getting to tackle Captain America.

YES! No pressure right? Just the Living Legend himself! Cap is tough to get right. He’s the ultimate representation of a good person so to try and get that across on the page takes work. It’s a challenge I’m relishing though!
I think you’ve said this yourself but you’re a guy who’s getting Spidey pics for an editor. I hope they weren’t as harsh as Jonah.

Haha, Thankfully my editor Darren isn’t QUITE as harsh as Jonah. He’s actually a lovely guy and really knows his stuff. This is my first time working with an editor so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised though! He and Robbie were very welcoming to me when I got started too which really helped settle any nerves!

I’ve really landed on my feet with the whole Spider team. Darren (editing), Robbie (writing), Jim (colour) and Travis (lettering) have been an absolute treat to work with! We all love Pete and co. and everyone’s goal is to make the best Spidey stories possible!

Spidey issue 8 is available in all good comic shops.