The Hunt


Out this week from Image Comics is The Hunt issue one. The series was created by and is written and drawn by Colin Lorimer (with colours by Joana Lafuente and lettering by Jim Campbell). I asked Colin to give us an idea about what to expect.

As an Irish creator having the opportunity to create, write, and draw a horror book that is set in Ireland dealing with subject matter that I’ve always had a deep connection and fascination with is truly a career high for me. This is a tale that is very close to my heart. I hope you’ll give it a shot.

The Hunt is loosely based on the European myth of “The Wild Hunt” about a horde of ghostly huntsmen who were said to traverse the sky, some say in warning of an upcoming earthly disaster. It was said that they were known to capture and take humans to the Faerie Otherworld and also to steal away souls. Every country has there own variation on the tale– mine is the Irish take on it and deals with soul-stealing creatures known as “The Sluagh.” They seek out the dying to steal away their souls and to torture them for all eternity. Orla Roche who is our main protagonist has the ‘gift’ to see these creatures and she witnesses her dying father’s soul being literally ripped from his body, this begins her quest to save her father’s soul from eternal suffering– no matter what the cost may be to both her or her family. It’s all set in contemporary Ireland and gives a very unique twist to the old tales of Irish mythology.

If you are looking for your new horror fix, The Hunt may be the one for you.


The Hunt issue one is available to be buy in comic shops from yesterday.