Advanced Review: Flare One Shot


Review By David Ferguson

Art by Ger Hankey and Nathan Donnell
Cover Art by Ben Hennessey
Written by Paddy Lennon
Lettering and Design by Miriam Abuin
Colours by Chris O’Halloran

This is an interesting one for me as I have gotten around to reading the Flare series of books yet so I am kind of going into this blind. I think it was a smart idea to use Ben Hennessey on the cover as he provided art for the book series so there is some artistic continuity. The book has three stories Date Night, Wolfound and One Day In Tokyo. Of the three, I think Wofhound is my favourite as the scatchy style of Nate Donnell really suits the character and style of story plus I think this one manages to fill you in on his backstory and frame of mind (I’d like to see more of him). Of the two Ger Hankey pencilled stories, I think One Day In Tokyo plays more to his strengths as draws great robots and it seems great giant squids. I think Date Night connects more into the books so might play better for those familiar with the series. I am actually really interested in how these characters all fit into the one universe so I think it works as part advertisement for the books.

Flare One Shot goes on sale at Dublin Comic Con (August 6th and 7th).