Advanced Review: Sleep Tight


Review by David Ferguson

Created by Anthea West

The thing that made me curious about this book was how Anthea West’s art style would fit in a book completely horror orientated. Then I saw the cover and this tells you all you need to know about the book. I feel Anthea has upped her design game and has subtley tailored her art style for the genre. In “Eyes” she shows how you can use the simplest of things to scare people (It is all about how she depicts the eyes), “The Bed” feels like an old Irish scary story and in “Sleep Tight”, it’s all about keeping your eyes closed so the scary monster goes away. She doesn’t go for gore or cheap scares. She goes for the the deep psychological scare. If anyone thought Anthea couldn’t do horror, they should read this book. I think it is the best thing she has done to date.

Sleep Tight goes on sale at Dublin Comic Con (August 6th and 7th).