Advanced Review: 100 Times


Review by David Ferguson

Created by Katie Fleming and E. Kerr

From the moment we posted Katie Fleming’s synopsis, about a month ago, I was excited about getting my hands on this book. A story about a guy called Myran and his new werewolf boyfriend. It follows them through the honeymoon period of their relationship as they meet each others family, learn about each others food habits and what to do on a full moon. It appealed to me from a personal point of view. I just wondered about the execution. I have to say, that it is executed perfectly. From the moment the couple meet in a “were-bar”, I was captivated by this book and its use of a werewolf to comment on and poke fun at everyday relationships. The witty dialogue, the spot-on slice-of-life moments and cleverly crafted facial expressions all come together to create an excellent story. As with a lot of creative works, this book changed from its original conception and the creative have included a sample of the original D&D version which is pretty intriguing actually. I am still happy it ended up as it did. Highly recommended!!

100 Times goes on sale at Dublin Comic Con (August 6th and 7th).