Advanced Review: A Clockwork Universe


Review by David Ferguson

Art by Cormac Hughes
Written by Ciaran Marcantonio
Colours by Darren Brown
Lettering by Miriam Abuin

I had been wondering if the Lightning Strike crew would start collecting the stories that were included in their anthology series. A Clockwork Universe has been around since Lightning Strike issue one and is one of my favourites. People will be aware that I’m a Whovian. Well so is writer Ciaran Marcantonio and this kind his love letter to that show amongst others. The difference is that Thaddeus Thornbridge is a very different character to that of The Doctor. He uses time travel to line his own pocket. One of the things I like about this book is that Ciaran writes to the strengths of his artist as the story includes great characters for Cormac Hughes to work his design magic on. Cormac also shows off his action skills as I must mention that gunshot layout that I like so much. This edition appears to have had a few revisions as, looking at my old reviews, this seems like a more polished edition with changes like the placement of word balloons so the story flows a bit better. (That could just be in my head of course). There has a lot of work taking this from a simple collection of previously printed material and I think it has made me like the book a bit more. It also includes some extras that I won’t spoil. A must for sci-fi and adventure fans.

A Clockwork Universe goes on sale at Dublin Comic Con (August 6th and 7th).