Advanced Review: Incandescent Memories Vol. 3

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Review by David Ferguson

Created by Brian Burke and John Devlin
Cover art by Eoin Marron (inks) and Rebecca Nalty (colours)

This book continues the model of having the continuing story of “Bandit King” (art by John Devlin, written by Brian Burke) with another story written by John Devlin with art by Brian Burke. This time “Vector”. On this occasion, I noticed a difference in the art of “Bandit King”. The inks seem blacker and the colours toned down a bit. I am enjoying the story but it took a bit to adjust to the change. I think the story could have done with a “previously” intro to remind the reader where we are in the story. “Vector” is quite the psychological horror story which I think Brian Burke’s art suits to a T (See Cling with Kerrie Smith as further proof). I really liked the colour choices too as they added to the slightly off kilter ambiance. I don’t want to give too much story away but the team do a great job of setting the tense situation. A special shout out must be made to the cover team of Eoin Marron and Rebecca Nalty who do great design job and capture the feel of the stories inside. It really sells the book.

Incandescent Memories Vol. 3 goes on sale at Dublin Comic Con (August 6th and 7th).