The Legend of William Lamport


Earlier today, Eoin McAuley teased his next project ‘The Legend of William Lamport’.

Announcement copied from Eoins Facebook page:

I’m delighted to announce my next project, ‘The Legend of William Lamport’ a stand alone graphic novel, illustrated by Cormac Hughes with colours by Tríona Tree Farrell, Letters by Robin Jones and scripted by me.

This is a story I’ve been working on for years and has been made possible thanks to funding support from South Dublin County Council’s Arts Office. I first discovered the extraordinary life of William Lamport while studying for my BA in History in Trinity College. For those unfamiliar with Lamport’s story, it essentially tells the tale of how a young boy from Wexford in the 1600s went on to fight for the independence of the Mexican people from the Spanish Crown and served as some of the source inspiration of the pulp hero Zorro.

It’s certainly going to be a roller coaster of a tale to tell and I couldn’t be happier with the team I’m working with to bring this story to life.

Chapter one will be released as a stand alone publication and distributed among the libraries of South Dublin by April 2017 ahead of the main book’s full release.

In the meantime enjoy this awesome cover courtesy of Cormac, Triona and Robin.