Stuart McCune launches Monologue #3 Kickstarter


Monologue #3 cover.

After two successful campaigns, Belfast-based creator McCune has launched the Kickstarter for the final issue in the Monlogue series. I enjoyed the first two issues so I was very happy when this campaign was launched. As things stand, the campaign has reached its funding target so anyone that backs it at this point is basically guaranteed their rewards (all of which are listed on the Kickstarer page as well as more sample art).

From the Monologue #3 Kickstarter page:

Hi, welcome to Monologue.

Issue 3 is the 32page finale to the trilogy. Even though it is oversized I’m keeping our goal as low as before because I want everyone to come back and also because I can’t wait to hear what you all make of the complete story. The extra pages give this final chapter space plus I’ve included a little back matter to answer a few questions about the book.

Don’t worry though if you are new to the title because every physical reward comes with the complete series in digital format plus there are also the last physical copies of 1&2 available – (please check the bundles below).

As before all of the work on Monologue is already complete and Kickstarter funds will go towards printing costs and stretch goals.


Monologue Kickstarter page.

Stuart McCune Twitter page.

Posted by Stephen Ward.