Review: Take A Chance

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Adrian Syaf
Written by C.E. Murphy

Frankie Kemp is Chance, a masked vigilante with origin elements that remind me of both Batman and Daredevil. The difference is that she has neither the money nor the super-powers but has to deal with super-powered villains. Her origin is steeped in tragedy and the elements of her personal life make her a very interesting and three dimensional character. Plus she has a great supporting cast. So Take A Chance has a lot of the elements that I enjoy about superhero comics. I think it is made all the more impressive when you find out that it is C.E. Murphy‘s first comic book outing (she is known as a best selling author). It helps that she is teamed with the very talented Adrian Syaf. I think my favourite thing about the art has to be the costume. There is something about the simplicity of it. It fits so well into the grounded world that Frankie Kemp inhabits.

The series was originally in 2008/2009 but it shows very little of its age and reads really well as a collected edition. Highly recommended especially for fans of superhero comics.