Five X-Books I’d Like To See

With the latest teasers about future X-Books, I decided to come up with books I want to read. The artist choices were inspired by images I found on the internet.

Artist: Ruairi Coleman
Colourist: Chris O’Halloran
Writer: CE Murphy

X-EMPLARY! Angel has brought together a team to tackle real world issues. But can Rogue, Gambit, Shamrock and Multiple Man avoid the usual conflicts and when did Betsy Braddock become Captain Britain?!

I like the idea of Angel using his wealth to help the world and I think CE Murphy did a great job of tackling the issues of superheroes and the real world in Take A Chance. Ruairi Coleman’s image above inspired me to switch the team up and include Rogue. I’ve seen Chris’ colours matched with Ruairi’s art and I loved the result. I couldn’t help but throw in the Irish hero Shamrock (Banshee is busy) and have a more European, Excalibur, feel with Betsy taking on her brother’s mantle as Captain Britain.

Artist: PJ Holden
Colourist: Ruth Redmond
Writer: Maura McHugh

ZERO FACTOR! Wolverine’s healing factor has betrayed him once again and it is all down to his old friends at Weapon X. Does he have enough left to tackle Agent Zero?!

The idea of this series would be to return Logan’s healing factor to a reasonable level. PJ Holden’s sample above fits in with him searching all over the world for answers. I’d like to see Maura McHugh’s vision of a character who’s history allows you to tell all kinds of stories. I also want to see what Ruth’s colours would look like on PJ’s art.

Artist: Robert Carey
Colourist: Triona Farrell
Writer: Kerrie Smith

KILLING TIME! Cable finds himself stranded in the timestream but something seems to be destroying it era by era. How can Nathan Summers save it when he doesn’t know where he will end up next?!

I really like the pairing of Robert Carey and Triona Farrell and I think it would work well on a sci-fi book. I’m thinking Cable meets Indigo Prime with the book have a darker edge to it. I’m sure Kerrie Smith would come up with something different with this pitch.

Writer / Artist: Stephen Mooney
Writer / Artist: Leeann Hamilton

BLOOD AND WATER! Mystique and Sabretooth are strange bedfellows but their lives are drawn together again when their child runs for office.

This book would tell stories from various eras of the X-men. Stephen Mooney has drawn many great X-men images so I’d love to see him set loose in the X-Continuity. I think Leeann Hamilton would bring some interesting ideas to book that would have more of a free reign than my other picks. I also like the idea of them switching it up and changing roles for various storylines. First up would be Mystique and Sabretooth.

Artist: Declan Shalvey
Colourist: Jordie Bellaire
Writer: Ciaran Marcantonio

OLD FRIENDS! Banshee is back and he’s a man on the mission but the only people he can trust are his old students. But can he still trust Emma Frost?

I’d love to see the old Gen X team back together and wouldn’t mind some updated costumes (which Declan Shalvey decided to have a go at with Chamber). I always love Jordie’s colours but I think they work extra well over Declan’s art. I know Ciaran Marcantonio is a Gen X fan so I’d like to see his take (also I’m sure he’d have me killed if I didn’t pick him as the writer).

I hope people enjoyed my ideas. Let us know some of your ideas or some Irish X-Art that inspired you and maybe we will post some of them.