Will Sliney’s Learn How To Draw App

Will and Aidan Sliney have launched a new free application which gives tutorials to help people improve their drawing skills.

Will had this to say on the app:

“Ever since I started as an illustrator in comics, the spirit of the industry has always been to share your learning with others. I took my portfolio to conventions where every artist would always give me advice on improving my drawings. This quality of sharing one’s knowledge really became apparent to me when I was invited into Marvel for a talent workshop. There I received one to one training from some of the industry’s best artists, all who enjoyed passing on their skills to the next generation. Comic book art really is a special community unlike any other in this regard.

Since then, and due to the platform my own work has given me, I’ve tried my hand at live workshops, college lecturing, and open tutorials, but I have found that the requests for lessons only grows as I move further along in my career.

This app is hopefully the answer to that; a place where we can create modern tutorials and share them in a way that was previously impossible. A place where any artist can study every individual step of of the process, in a way that surpasses even if I was standing alongside the user themselves.”

You can download the Android version of the app here. An iOS version is on the way. Will has provided us with a preview of an upcoming tutorial:













This looks really cool and could be a great tool for artists to hone their craft. Once the iOS version is out, I will be giving it a go to see what I can learn and will hopefully post about my progress.