Advanced Review: 100 More Times

Review by David Ferguson

Created by Katie Fleming and E. Kerr

Having only reviewed the first book, 100 Times, relatively recently, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that the sequel was being launched at Thought Bubble. The first book really captured me in a way that other books have not as I really empathised with the characters and the situations they were dealing with. This time the main characters, Quill and Myran, have gotten past the “honeymoon phase” and their relationship is running into problems (been there too!). Once again the creative have really captured the feel of a real-life this time with the pitfalls and problems couples can go through. I think this comes from the facial expressions and body language in the art that really inject mood into the scenes. I think I may not have really highlighted the art enough in my previous review but it is a big part of the success of both books. Highly recommended. Check out 100 Times if you haven’t already.

100 More Times will be on sale at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend (Table 92 at New Dock Hall)