Advanced Review: Red Sands

Review by David Ferguson

[Red Sands]
Art by Cormac Hughes
Written by Ciaran Marcantonio
Colours by Triona Farrell

[Red Sands: Testament]
Art by Robert Carey
Story by Ciaran Marcantonio and Robert Carey
Colours by Ruth Redmond
Letters by Miriam Abuin

Interior Design and Layouts by Wayne Talbot
Edited by Gillian Dempsey
Cover by Stephen Mooney and Ruth Redmond

I had a quick look at my review of the first few pages we got of Red Sands in Lightning Strike issue 6 and Red Sands: Testament in Lightning Strike issue 8 and I think my comments hold true. The main difference is that Ciaran Marcantonio is able to expand Red Sands world with the larger page count. We get the overview of the world but more importantly, to me, is we get some backstory for the main character. Cormac Hughes’ art has shown even more improvement from the first instalment and I like the increased level of detail especially when it comes to backgrounds. There is one scene where you should really keep an eye out for what’s going on while the main character’s chat. He continues to produce cool character designs but I think his scenery has improved (see the Pitstop as an example). The art is enhanced by Triona Farrell’s colours. The colour choices help create the feeling that there is something off kilter about this world and differentiate the book from other things on the shelves. Red Sands: Testament is a reprint of the Lightning Strike issue 8 instalment. I want to see more of this part as it takes a different angle to the main story. This book is the kind of sci-fi I want to see being produced.

Red Sands goes on sale at Thought Bubble. Ciaran Marcantonio and Cormac Hughes will be at table 81 in the Marquee. Triona Farrell will be at 189A in New Dock Hall