Advanced Review: Black, White and Grey

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Rapha Lobosco
Written by Hugo Boylan
Lettering and Book Design by Kerrie Smith

Hugo Boylan always seems such a nice, affable guy when I meet him. Little do you know that he has such terribly dark stories in his head waiting to get out. In “Dream Weaver” and “Day Job”, he is merciless with his characters but saying more would spoil the experience I had when reading those stories. This volume also reprints “Murphy’s Day” from Lightning Strike issue 7 (reviewed here) and “Heavy Black” (reviewed here), two stories that I was very impressed by with “Heavy Black” being nominated for a good few ICN Awards. What this volume does is show the range of both creators especially Rapha as each story could almost lead you to believe that you are dealing with a different artist. Each story’s art is subtly changed to suit the narrative and genre. People familiar with the book will say that I have forgotten something but I haven’t. I just wanted to make a separate point about the “Black Neptune” story. I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to see an ongoing or larger story from Hugo and, happily, this story is a teaser for a longer graphic novel. Again Rapha brings a different style to the story. It somehow feels more detailed and it is probably my favourite of all the stories from an art perspective (“Heavy Black” takes the writing prize”). This volume is full of great twists and really dark stuff. It is brilliantly held together by Kerrie Smith’s design and is probably my favourite thing put out by Hugo Boylan. You can check out “Heavy Black” here and it is a good example of what kind of tone to expect from this anthology.

Black, White and Grey will be launched at Thought Bubble. Hugo Boylan and Kerrie Smith will be at table 101 in the Marquee.