Advanced Review: Ship Wrecked

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Triona Farrell
Written by Aaron Fever
Lettering by Zakk Saam
Cover by Rebecca Nalty and Dearbhla Kelly

Webcomics are often tough from a review point of view. When do you have enough to do a fair review? Luckily on this occasion, the creators are bringing out a printed collection of the first 15 pages so I feel the time is right for a review. If I had to sum up the series for readers, I’d say it is like a comedy version of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Lower Decks” but then I’d remember not all readers are Trekkies and explain myself. The main cast of Shipwrecked work in the accounting department, a mundane job made worse by the fact that they are largely ignored and miss all the cool, fun space stuff. Triona Farrell is such a great colourist that you sometimes forget how good she is at drawing and her style really goes well with the comedy stylings of Aaron Fever. With this series, you get the one page webcomic instalment with one or two gags but you also get the ongoing story that keeps you coming back for more. The cover of this volume is by Rebecca Nalty and Dearbhla Kelly who are both on my list of creators to watch in 2017. Star Trek fans will really like this and if, like me, you work in an office, it will make you question your life choices and laugh. Mainly laugh.

The Ship Wrecked collection will go on sale at Thought Bubble this weekend at Triona Farrell’s table (table 189A in New Dock Hall) or you can check out the comic at