Eir Kickstarter Project


A Kickstarter for the all-ages comic EIR (featuring art from our own Alfie Gallagher and Triona Farrell is already in progress. Here’s what writer Ryan K Lindsay has to say about the book on the Kickstarter page:

EIR is a sci fi all-ages one-shot comic that’s about exploration, finding weird alien creatures, deciding how to observe and connect, as well as accepting rage, and defeating grief.

Imagine Raina Telgemeier adapted some Robert E. Heinlein.

This 24 page comic tells the tale of Sasha, who wakes one ordinary morning to find a sentient space helmet promising her adventure and a good time. She takes it up on the offer and flees into space rather than face her pestering family downstairs. What ensues can only be described as cosmically epic.

It’s also a deeply personal comic, in ways you hopefully won’t see coming.

Alfie Gallagher on art brings an effortless fantasy to this scenario that still feels all too real, and Triona Farrell on colours ensures everything has tone and timbre – you feel the scene changes, the cool breezes, the hectic danger. Ryan Ferrier on letters drops his usual science of placement and amazement, and I have to thank Dan Hill for always editing me tightly.

But, seriously, this art team is going to be your favourite thing about November. Don’t believe me? Scope out this good business right here!

You can check out more on the project on its Kickstarter page.