Advanced Review: Project Crossroads

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Seán Hogan
Written by Adlai McCook, JP Jordan and Hugo Boylan
Colours by Dearbhla Kelly and Stefanie Reville
Letters by Kerrie Smith and Seán Hogan
Colour Assists by Louise Fitzpatrick

What I find most interesting about this anthology is the marked departure in tone from Seán Hogan’s previous outing “Rabbit and Paul” (He provides art for the three stories). None more so than the opening story “Retired” which is story of an alien invasion which is quite violent. I really enjoyed this story. In fact, I wish there was more of this one. Adlai McCook has crafted a clever sci-fi story. Seán’s art which has a more gritty feel, enhanced by Dearbhla Kelly’s colours, manages to give us an alien feel but rooted in a very human story.

JP Jordan makes his comic debut with “Shift” which, at first, appears to be the most normal of the three stories. A bunch of young people having drinks at a party and there’s this one guy. We’ve all been there. JP captures the genuine feel of an Irish party and brings us an interesting conclusion that I can’t go into without spoiling. Lets just say “Shift” is an appropriate title. Along with Seán, he creates a cast of believable characters and a really authentic setting. Seán really outdid himself with the background stuff. I think what is so great about Stefanie Reville’s colours is that it adds the appropriate mood and that really helps with the story-telling.

Given that “Duckworth’s Last Stand” has Hugo Boylan on words, you should expect something a bit dark and weird but this is different. The story features a talking duck fighting a… well I don’t give it away but Hugo has some imagination. The art is closer to the “Rabbit And Paul” style and that totally suits the story of a noble knight and a duck fighting evil. I’d like to see Duckworth again. This story was a lot of fun.

A really good looking book. Excellent design, some cool extras and three stories that I really enjoyed. It is tough to pick a favourite… er the one drawn by Séan Hogan?

Project Crossroads launches at Thought Bubble this week. Seán Hogan is table 37B in the Royal Armories Hall. The creative theme will be signing at Big Bang Comics on November 9th.