The ICN Hall Of Fame Ceremony: Leeann Hamilton


Welcome to the first post in our week-long Hall of Fame ceremony.

For each Hall of Fame induction, I’ve taken a different approach. For Leeann Hamilton, I turned to fellow Hall of Fame Class of 2016 member Stephen Mooney to say a few words:

Stephen Mooney:
I’m constantly very jealous of Leeann. I wish I could draw as well as her, in as many disparate styles and flavours. Everything she turns her hand to, she aces. I aspire to be that guy/gal.

Leeann is always drawing; always working. She quietly and methodically goes about her business, consistently demonstrating how it could and should be done.

Not afraid to criticise where it’s due, but always fairly and even-handedly. Leeann knows the good stuff.

I’m honoured to be nominated for the ICN Hall Of Fame in the same year as somebody of her quality.

Maybe I can trick folks into thinking I’m anywhere near as capable as she is.