The ICN Hall Of Fame Ceremony: Stephen Mooney

For the next induction, I turned to fellow artist and friend Declan Shalvey to induct Stephen Mooney. I think they’re friends. I almost certain Declan may have hurt himself while writing it…

Declan Shalvey:
While it pains me to award Stephen Mooney with praise of any kind, even I have to admit he deserves to be recognised by the Irish comics community he holds so dear.

Mooney hooked me up with my first proper comics gig, replacing him on Freak Show. A kindness I’ve been trying to return ever since.

While it’s clearly currently something of a golden age for Irish comic artists, I believe Stephen dropped a game-changer on us all with Half Past Danger a couple of years back, a book I’m very glad is returning next year. So many of us work in American publishing now, dropping an Irish nod here and there into our work wherever we can sneak it in but I feel that Mooney was the one who really took a risk and did his own thing; making an Irish-produced comic that represented the culture in an affectionate way. Not only that, but he released it on a world’s stage; release it though all the mainstream American outlets to great success. It’s my opinion that in the years to come we’ll be treading on the ground he broke for us all.

I have huge respect for Mooney. Yes, you heard me; respect. His drive, work ethic and good nature should be an example to us all and I mean that sincerely. I’ve never met an artist more professional and dedicated than him and have always been able to rely on him for an honest opinion, something I truly value.