The ICN Hall Of Fame Ceremony: Anthea West

For Anthea West, I turned to a bunch of her fellow artists to say a few words about this amazing artist.

Leeann Hamilton:
Anthea West is a hard-working lady of endless imagination and mirth, as she sets great examples of world building with every new comic she releases. She is an encheering and supportive presence at every convention you’ll find her at. It’s been an absolute pleasure knowing her.

Katie Fleming:
Anthea West, for me, is the definition of small press. Without watching her self publish her first book ‘The Earthbound God’, I would have never gained the confidence to pursue a career within comics. She’s a perfect example of determination, perseverance and what it means to be an indie creator. I’m so glad to be able to call her a friend as well as an inspirational colleague.

Triona Farrell:
Anthea West is a talent in this country, not only as a fantastic artist, but a great collaborator too. I’ve had the privilege to work with her on a few projects now, and her stories and art are always upbeat and fun.”