The ICN Hall Of Fame Ceremony: The Books

All week we’ve been inducting the Hall of Fame class of 2016. As is keeping with previous years, we will also be adding some books to the Hall of Fame. Here are this year’s inductees.

With the untimely death of artist Steve Dillon, it seemed appropriate to induct his and, ICN Hall of Famer, Garth Ennis’ opus into the Hall of Fame. A favourite and inspiration for many Irish creators. (Cover by Glenn Fabry)

Lightning Strike Presents:
A book that has spotlighted a who’s who of Irish talent and started the careers of a few. This a book that goes strength and I am happy to induct it into the Hall of Fame. (Cover by Oisín Roche)

The Holy Numbers:
I’m not afraid to say that The Holy Numbers is a personal favourite. A book that delves into religion and spirituality and is the best book about Scientology that isn’t about Scientology. I sometimes think Tommie Kelly underestimates how good he is. (Cover by Tommie Kelly)

Stray Lines Volume One:
An anthology that contains earlier work from the likes of Phil Barrett and Paddy Lynch. The book shows how comics are a place where you can tell everyday stories. (Cover by Barry Hughes)