Five Things I’d Like To See In 2017

I’ve seen a couple of sites doing their predictions / hopes for 2017 so I’d thought I’d come up with some This piece is a list full of personal preferences. Let us know what you’d like to see this year.

More Ongoing Series

2016 saw a few really great issue number ones like Red Sands, The Guards and Solstice. I’d like to see follow-ups on these. Anthologies and one-shots are cool but there are certain things that can only be achieved through an ongoing series. Also, there are certain writers that I’d like to see tackling a series. Not that some creators aren’t already doing this. Just look at the artistic machine that is Jason Browne who has four books on the go (albeit with different writers collaborating with him). Katie Fleming managed to produce 100 Times AND 100 More Times (you all know how much I love those books) and is up to issue two on her book Hellion.

A New Heroes / Quantum Prophecy comic adaptation

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Michael Carroll’s writing (and man is he a great man to interview!!) but my favourite creation of his is the New Heroes / Quantum Prophecy. I’m a fan of the prequel books in particular. My favourite book is actually a collection of short stories called Super Human which first triggered the idea in my head that Mike could do something with the characters in a comic. Suggested artists would include Jason Browne (especially if you were dealing with the kids) and Leeann Hamilton.

Leeann Hamilton Comic(s)

Speaking of Leeann Hamilton, the latter end of 2016 was brightened up for me with her posting images of a comic she is working on. I think the Irish Comic scene needs a new Leeann Hamilton comic. There appears to be stuff in the works but if you want to know more you need to become a Patreon because there are sneak peaks on there.

An Irish Writer Making It In the Mainstream

Irish artists and colourists have made quite an impact on the world of comics. Particularly colourists. We seem to have cornered the market on that area. In 2016 we saw some movements on the writing side with the debut of Declan Shalvey for Marvel, Nick Roche delighting Transformer fans by bringing back The Wreckers in Sins of the Wreckers for IDW and Colin Lorimer was showing his skills on The Hunt with Image Comics. I’d like to see a writer make an even bigger impact in 2017. I’d particularly like see a female creator getting a light shined on them as we have an abundance of really talented female writers here.

More Female Contributors on ICN

I try my best to provide a balanced coverage on the site but there is no substitute for having a female viewpoint on the site. I am always happy when female creators jump in with skill sharing and would love more of this in 2017. I don’t really like to ask creators to do this very often as they are very busy people. I have asked for volunteers and have gotten a few to help out but, for whatever reason, I haven’t gotten any response from women. You don’t need any qualifications, you just need to like comics. The only thing I ask is that if you are going to critique something, you are providing constructive criticism. Oh and it has to be about Irish creators or those based in Ireland and / or books by Irish creators or published in Ireland.