Big Bang Comics Names The Top Selling Irish Comics Of 2016

Big Bang Comics regularly provide sales information on their Twitter page but this time is very much of interest to Irish comics people as they have named their top 5 selling Irish Comics of 2016.

In fifth place is a comic that really well in 2015 ICN Awards (being a runner-up in some categories):

Fourth place is an anthology from Hugo Boylan and Rapha Lobosco (Black, White and Grey):

Third place was the big winner in the 2015:

The Hound team take the runner-up spot:

And their best selling book was:

Very interesting reading. All quality books that people rewarded with sales. A couple were favourites in last year’s ICN Awards and the top two are both in the running this year (I’d put good money on one of those books cleaning up). Thanks to John Hendrick and the Big Bang for tweeting the info.