Judge Dredd: Every Empire Falls TPB Arrives In February

A collection of Michael Carroll Judge Dredd stories is hitting stores on February 9th. It collects the stories “New Tricks”, “Blood of Emeralds”, “The Grindstone Cowboys”, “Dust to Dust”, “The Lion’s Den”, “Reclamation” and “From the Ashes”. Bonus features include a cover gallery and the original script for the first episode of “The Grindstone Cowboys.”

Artists: Paul Davidson, Colin MacNeil, Henry Flint, Paul Jason Holden, Carlos Ezquerra
Colourists: Chris Blythe, Len O’Grady, Adam Brown
Letterer: Annie Parkhouse

ISBN: 978-1781085318
Paperback: 240 pages
Publication date: 9 February, 2017

We did on interview with Michael on his Judge Dredd work and he talks about “Blood of Emeralds” here. Michael is nominated in the ICN Awards if you would like to vote for him (and 2000AD).