Wayne Talbot Announces New Broker Artist

Lightning Strike Issue 7 cover by Ruairí Coleman

Wayne Talbot has made an announcement in relation to his Broker comic:

Back in 2015 I released the first part of a three part story called The Broker, it was the cover story for Issue 7 of Lightning Strike. It was well received, but due to real life getting in the way the following two instalments were delayed.

I am now working on getting the full story published as one complete volume. Brian Corcoran is taking a over artist duties from Ruairí Coleman, I will be colouring and Miriam Abuin will be taking on lettering duties. Deadlines have been set and we are aiming to release it at this year’s Dublin Comic Con

Check out Brian’s fantastic work over at his blog. I’m really excited about getting this story finished and out in the world.

Great to hear an update on this book as I really enjoyed the first issue (you can see my review here). I like the look of Brian Corcoran’s art so I’ll be interested in seeing his take on the story.

UPDATE: Wayne will be taking over on colouring duties and Miriam Abuin will return as letterer.