The Citizen and the United Nationalist Appear In Mega Indie Crossover

Powers That Be Cover featuring the Citizen


Centered around the events that took place in issue #1 of Vince White’s: “THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER”, the indie-comic-multiverse is now dimensionally porous! Because of this, the multi-verse finds itself closer than ever before. THE POWERVERSE™ kicks off officially in THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER issue #8 which has now changed it’s name to “THE POWERS THAT BE!”


In its debuting story-arc labeled: “THE COMBINATION EFFECT!”, hero’s from around the Indy market have to come together to defeat a greater foe. The after effects leave a porous multi-verse the likes of which you’ve never seen! THIS IS THE POWERVERSE™! WHO’S IN? GOOD QUESTION: Key creative teams in this crossover, slash, new cosmography includes:

As you can see from the above images, Nigel Flood’s characters are set to appear in a mega indie crossover. You can get more details and back the project on Kickstarter. This is a really cool concept that is a great way to highlight a lot of independent creators.