What’s Happening In 2017: The First Half

The first half of the year is usually quite quiet on the Irish scene but there are a number of events coming up in the first six months of 2017 so I thought I’d do as summary. For monthly/quarterly events, I have included the date of the next event.

If I have missed some, do let me know.

THE GEEK MART (March 4th)

The monthly event in the Central Hotel next pops up on April 8th. A mini-con where you can meet artists and buy some geeky stuff.

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The launch of the Kickstarter funded Mine Anthology is happening in the Workman’s Club. Lots of great creators were involved in this project so I’d like to see people show up to show them some love and support.

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KINGDOM CON (April 1st and 2nd)

I’ll be making the trek to Killarney to check out the first major comic convention in Kerry. The first in Munster since the hugely successful con in Cork. I’ll be interested to see how this one goes. I know a few creators from the Irish comic scene will be there including Jason Browne (who will have issues of Stoat with a brand new cover) and, already announced as guests: Rapha Lobosco (recently announced as artist on James Bond: Black Box) and Chris O’Halloran who has really made headway as a colourist in US comics and is also working on the James Bond: Black Box book.

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THE COMICS LAB (April 4th)

The Comics Lab has moved from monthly to quarterly as it is a lot of work for Debbie Jenkinson, Sarah Bowie and others to organise it every month. Nothing announced as yet but there is usually a couple of talks (including one on process) and a book review. Always a great event to attend as it is also a chance to catch up with people that only see on the convention circuit.

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The second edition of a con that was a lot of fun last year and, from what I hear, was a great success. Free entry always helps with numbers and this year the venue moves the impressive location of Enniskillen Castle. Hoping to see some more Irish creators at this one amongst what os a stellar line-up of creators. I know it is a long trek for some and I hope things work out to make it worth their while.

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