Irish Comic Art Picks February

Irish Comic Art Picks. Pages, commissions, doodles, works in progress and everything in between, this feature shows you some of the best work by Irish Comic Artists from around the web every month. Feel free to submit work and links through any ICN links on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Stephen on Twitter. Remember, support artists and follow their links.

Gary McKeever.

Rob Anthony.

Phil Murphy – Mojo.

Nate Stockman ( line art) – Dr Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #5 (colour art by Tamra Bonvillain).

Eoghan Kerrigan.

Colm Griffin – Invincible fan art.

Colin Langan.

Phil Dunne.

Wayne Talbot – Judge Dredd.

Sarah Bowie.

Brian Corcoran – Professor Broom and Hellboy.

John McGuinness – Chrono Trigger.

Rapha Lobosco – James Bond.

Philip Murray – Avengers.

Cian Tormey – Wolverine.

Triona Farrell.

Debbie Jenkinson.

Dearbhla Kelly (colour art) – Aeon Flux Red Cube Studio assignment (line art by Eric Canete).

Ian Fay – Logan.

Eoin Barclay – Tygra and Cheetara.

John McCrea (line art) – Vikings cover ( colour art by Mike Spicer).

Chris O’Halloran ( colour art) – Batman (line art by Nick Derington).

Kevin Keane – John Wick.

Luca Pizzari – Judge Dredd.

Ruairí Coleman – Luther Strode.

Tracy Law.

Adam Law.

Leeann Hamilton – Undertale.


Barry O’Sullivan – Becky Lynch.

Cormac Finan – Hanna Barbera fan art.

Stephen Maurice Graham.

Stefanie Reville – Dishonored 2 fan art.

Matthew Shiell – Kingpin.

John Quiqley (line art) and Dearbhla Kelly (colour art) – Will Sinister cover.

Alfie Gallagher.

Pete Marry (line art) and Dee Cunniffe (colourt art) – Fort Night Comics.

Eoin Marron (line art) – Sons of Anarchy : Redwood Original art (colour art by Adam MetCalfe).

Nick Roche (line art) – Lost Light #6 cover (colour art by Josh Burcham).

PJ Holden – Judge Dredd.

Brian Naughton.

Ashwin Chacko.

Leonie O’Moore.

Julie Nick.

Twisted Doodles.

Stuart McCune.


Alan Ryan.

Rosie Haghigi.

Tara O’Connor.


Clare Foley.

Jim Lavery – Supergirl, Batgirl and Black Canary.

Anthony O’Neill – He-man and Liono.

Elle Power.

Louise Fitzpatrick.

Anna Fitzpatrick – Mass Effect Andromeda.

Jason Browne – Captain Marvel.

Declan Shalvey (line art) and Jordie Bellaire (colour art) – Injection #11.


Tommie Kelly – The Chaste card.


Patrick Mulholland.


Isabella v.M.

Darren Nesbitt – Batman.

Katie Fleming – Raven.

Stephen Byrne – Super Sons.

Gar Molloy.

Ben Hennessy – Spider-man.

Anthea West.

Ciaran Lucas.

Marianna Mooney.

John Flynn – Awe, Envy and Desire.

Dom Murphy.

Hayley Mulcahy.

Matt Griffin.

Bob Byrne.

Will Sliney – Super Team Schwarzenegger.

Luke Healy – Comedians page 16.


Olly Cunningham – Black Lines comics.


Gary O’Donnell.


Kinga Korska.

Stephen Weafer – Batman.

John Cullen – gramfel44.

John McFarlane – Spider-man.

Philip Barrett.

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