Fear The Night: Irish Ghost Story Anthology now live on Kickstarter

Joe Kerrigan recently launched the Fear the Night KickStarter campaign. The project plans to tell Irish ghost stories in comic format.

From the KickStarter page:

Fear The Night is a series of Irish ghost story adaptations. These stories are an attempt at re-appropriating an understanding of Irish folklore from the post-modern gaze of contemporary Ireland. Each story will have an underlying recurring theme of a transitioning Ireland emerging from a mysterious Celto-Gothic age of unknown super-naturalism slowly being penetrated by a Christio-centric cultural framework. From this perspective it is our hope to achieve and create a viable contemporary place for classic Irish lore. The comic stories are intended to be a contribution and continuing of Irish cultural attitudes while presenting a contemporary style and feel. In the same manner of C.S Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien’s modern British folklore (through Narnia and Middle Earth as re-appropriated root mythologies presented trough a lens of early modern British society) the Irish ghost stories will aim to revivify a living perception and participation of Irish historical lore.

The anthology features a number of Irish artists and writers contributing stories. The Kickstarter page has some sample artwork from the artists to give people an idea of the art they can expect from the anthology. Some great art on display, so why not help the campaign reach their goal? €3 will get you a digital copy or you can pledge €5 for a printed copy.

Link to Fear the Night KickStarter page.

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