Comic Cast: Injection

I went to see the latest John Wick movie during the week and it struck me that Common (given his performance in the film) would be an excellent casting choice for Injection if it was ever brought to the screen. Well given how my mind works, I was soon casting the whole thing and so a new ICN feature was born. I see Injection as a Netflix Original Series with the following cast:

Catherine Tate as Maria Kilbride

Common as Simeon Winters

Ruth Negga as Brigid Roth

Arthur Darvill as Robin Morel

Richard E Grant as Vivek Headland

Ian McKellen as The Injection

Agree or disagree? Let us know and let us know if you have any ideas for future editions of Comic Cast. All the art above is by the Injection art team of Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire.

About the contributor:

Irish/Depression sufferer/Geek/gaytheist/Whovian/Follower of Dylan. The Boss.

Usually @DavidpbFerguson