GamerCon: The Irish Comics Community Reacts

To say that last weekend’s GamerCon was a bit of a disaster would be a bit of an understatement. Well we at ICN want to make sure that great conventions don’t get sullied especially DCC as it uses the same venue. Some other folks with more experience with cons had some words to say on the subject.

A crew that has helped make some cons great:

Some words from a team that have a history of running great cons:

A con that has run two very successful shows from the same venue:

The Big Bang and Dublin City Comics went as far as to offer discounts to GamerCon ticket holders to try and mitigate their disappointment. The whole fiasco has only reinforced my faith in the Irish Comics Community and I’m looking forward to proper conventions like K-Con, Enniskillen, Dublin Comic Con and Octocon.

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