Paperbacks & Inkstains – The Collected Papercuts & Inkstains now live on KickStarter

Madius Comics have launched a KickStarter to release a collection of the entire run of Papercuts and Inkstains. This collection contains contributions from some familar names such as Brian Burke, Jim Lavery and Stephen Weafer.

From the KickStarter page:

Welcome, intrepid kickstarterian, to this, the kickstarter which will kickstart the collected edition of the comic which kickstarted Madius Comics. Phew. Still with us? Good.

The wait is over.


For the first time ever the critically acclaimed MADIUS COMICS is putting together a collected volume of the entire run of PAPERCUTS & INKSTAINS. Whether you’ve been a longtime fan of MADIUS COMICS or are completely new to all things orange, this kickstarter is for you!

From the bumbling minds of Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook, and the occasional mish-mash of a certain Dr The Nick Gonzo, comes a heaving behemoth of a book containing just about every genre and every kind of story imaginable. Covering everything from westerns, sci-fi and horror right through to fantasy, nostalgia and everything in between. Featuring stories that run for multiple shorts to tales that are entirely self contained, this collection has it all.

Link to the KickStarter page.

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