Buttonpress to Publish 27 New Books. Jason Browne To Draw All Of Them

Adding to the 4 books already published by them, Buttonpress are set to publish a whopping 27 more. All to be drawn by Jason Browne. “People seemed so happy that we created a character for Kerry. It was in the papers and everything. Anyway, we decided to have a book for every county,” Jason Browne exalted while drawing a mythical Irish creature. Questioned as to how he would draw all these books, he responded,”Sure who needs sleep. Ha! Joking. I’ll just hire cheap artists to draw in my style. I got the idea from Walt Disney.”

Update 1: Some geography expert reminded us that there are 32 counties in Ireland. Give us a minute and we’ll ask Jason about it.

Update 2: Jason wants to know who wants a superhero from Carlow.

Update 3: We agree.

Update 4: I mean. Who really likes Carlow?!

Update 5: It is basically just Wicklow without the scenery.