Irish Comic Writer’s Pics April

We here at ICN believe in equally supporting both writers and artists. I’m sure there are other kinds of comics people but I can’t remember right now. Anyway, I was drinking my morning coffee fix yesterday and saw that Stephen Ward had posted some pics of Irish Artists or at least I think that’s what it was. I never click on the links. That’s how they get you. So for balance, here’s some pic of Irish Comics Writers.

Maura McHugh. Writer of scary stories. Not scary in real life except if you are defending Batman & Robin.

Michael Carroll. Creator of the wordless graphic novel. Wanted for the murder of Judge Dredd. Oh wait. You’re fine.

Anthea West. Writer and drawer of cuddly creatures and badges with sass. Life is indeed a struggle.

David Ferguson. Wait. How did this one get in here? Does anyone now where the delete button is on a Mac?!

Leeann Hamilton. Creator of worlds. Honest opinionator. Can also draw. Person I am jealous of.

Stephen Mooney. Wait. He writes too?! We hate him right? But he has such a cute… dog. I was going to say dog.

Jordie Bellaire. Wait. Isn’t she the world’s greatest colourist too?! This isn’t fair. How does Stephen post so many of these? I need a nap.