North Bend #2 now live on KickStarter

Issue 2 of North Bend is now live on Kickstarter. The project features art from Rob Carey. The team plan to release ten issues in total. So get backing and let’s make it happen!

From the KickStarter:

The U.S. is at war, against Russia, and its own people. The country is on the verge of economic collapse and political revolution. Desperate to regain control, the CIA recruits Seattle DEA Agent Brendan Kruge to test an experimental mind control drug on unwitting Americans.

Compelled by his sense of duty to his country, Brendan struggles to keep his life from falling apart as he tries to reconcile his personal beliefs with the security of the nation.

The story is loosely inspired by the true events of MKULTRA – a secret CIA project that took place during the cold war, where experimental drugs (like LSD) and mind control methods were tested on people without their knowledge.

Link to KickStarter page.

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