Unthethered Kickstarter is live.

The Untethered Kickstarter is live now. The project is getting a signal boost due to some of the rewards being provided by Katie Fleming and Dearbhla Kelly.

From the Kickstarter page:

‘Untethered’ follows Frank, a man whose favourite activity leads him to answer one of life’s biggest riddles; what happens when you accidentally drink a genie? After gulping the contents of a strange vial, Frank finds himself as the new vessel for the bottle’s occupant; an ancient genie. The two strike up a mutual relationship of sorts, as this is totally weird for the two of them.

However when another, far more sinister, creature appears and happens to have a vested interest in Frank and his “new friend” things begin to get bad for the duo.

Very bad, very quickly.

Untethered Kickstarter page.

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