Review: Tales Of The Fractured Mind

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Roland Kalnins
Written by Roddy McCance

Tales of the Fractured Mind is an interesting collection of stories. They all deal with the issue of mental health by looking at different aspects and kinds of illness. The Persistence of Depression deals with the every day struggle of coping with depression. Clock of the World uses a clock to describe the ups and downs of bi-polar disorder. Just Like Everyone uses the image of the scales and mirrors to look at body dysmorphia. War On Reality covers PTSD as the story looks at a soldier coming back from war.

Our Song uses the memory of a song to tell the difficult story of dealing with someone who has dementia. Mountaineering looks at the uphill struggle of Gender Dysphobia. Caityn tells the story of a girl dealing with bullying and its affect on mental health.

The stories do an excellent job of creating a mood and evoking emotion from the reader. Roland Kalnins may draw every story but the style varies a lot as he adapts to the requirements of the stories. Persistence of Depression, Just Like Everyone and Mountaineering look like horror stories. Clock Of The World looks like a science fiction story. War On Reality mixes reality and horror. Our Song has a more everyday look and Caitlyn takes the form of a letter.

It is always great to see comics dealing with issues and mental health is an important issue. Roddy McCance deals with various issues with respect but at the same time he isn’t afraid to tackle the harsh realities. The art of Roland Kalnins really works in bringing these ideas to life.