Shadow Walker book 1

Moira Dineen has book one of the Shadow Walker series available to read over on Inkitt.

Blurb for the book from Dineen’s Patreon page:

In the woods of America lies an abandoned mansion rumored to house a demon. To many, it’s a place of ill omens and avoided by many in the community but to an outcast female orphan black sheep amongst the flock its a place of solace Who would know that faithful day, on the run from her intoxicated ex-parents that the demon becomes her savior and parental figure.

Things will unravel, Blood will be shed and corruption will be exposed across the town or possibly further out.

But one thing is for certain a hero will rise from the shadows and protect those he holds dear and heads will roll.

So if that sounds like your kind of story, head over to Inkitt and have a read. And if you enjoy it maybe consider swinging by Dineen’s Patreon page to give some support to the project.


Dineen’s Twitter page.

Dineen’s Patreon page.

Shadow Walker Inkitt page.

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