New Character “Jessica Creepy” Launches At Dublin Comic Con

A bit of a different one for Dublin Comic Con. Emmet O’Brien is working with Jaime Lalor on a new character and, since their book is not going to be completed in time for Dublin Comic Con, thought it would be fun to launch the character herself at Dublin Comic Con with 3 different prints. Emmet O’Brien had this to say about it:

Jessica Creepy comes from a supernaturally inclined world and although she is adept at magic she is actually more interested in science and logic. This angers her more traditional spooky family as they see her wish to be more “normal” as the ultimate act of rebellion!

I love working with Jaime p, her style has absolutely the right aesthetic and her work is very inspiring. Anyone who has read her excellent webcomic “After Yesterday” can see she has a great command of character and gets so much across with subtle expressions.

This is still a concept that is being worked up but we wanted to use Dublin Comic Con to launch the character and hopefully get folks interested. We’ll have 3 prints for sale that will give people a glimpse of the character and hints of her skewed take on the world. We’ll also be advertising the Jessica Creepy facebook page which will be written in character and we plan to have that become a new community hub for goth culture and weird science news!

They’ve set up a Facebook page for the character which you can check out here.