Review: Meouch

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Gareth Luby
Written by Paul Carroll

Meouch tells the story of Frankie, who appears to be some sort of gun for hire (we don’t get the full background in this story). He is armed with a multitude of weapons that will be familiar to many depending on your fandom (you can see a few on the cover) which is a fun element. Despite the skulls on the cover, I wasn’t expecting the story to be as bloody as it is but the fact that it is in black and white and with all the the puns being thrown around, it comes across as much more cartoony than sinister. The main character does have an edge to him though and the story does a great job of bringing out his personality. I really liked Gareth Luby’s design for Frankie and he does a great job of depicting the various geeky weapons (I especially liked the sword from Final Fantasy). It would be interesting to see a longer story. This 8 page story will be launching at Dublin Comic Con.