Out of Sight #1 Kickstarter campaign now live

Patrick Hammond has launched a KickStarter campaign to fund the Out of Sight Comic.

The pitch from the KickStarter page:

“What if you could be invisible? Would you remain moral? What if you were never moral to begin with?”

A fusion of a classic Invisible Man tale and a crime thriller, steeped in Sci-Fi influence. Thomas Taylor is a successful cat burglar, until he isn’t…

Set in an approximation of London in the not too distant future, our hero(?) is a cat burglar with a heart of gold, diamonds, art, or anything else that takes his fancy. While stealing a rare stone for his “patron”, Lord Chaundry, a bribed security guard goes turncoat and Taylor’s head ends up on the wrong side of a truncheon.

Bailed by his boss, Taylor now owes him, and Chaundry has no ethical qualms about experimenting on the thief, using the talents of the vicious nanobot engineer (and psychopath) Dr. Mann to (painfully) render him invisible.

Hammond handles writing duties and is joined by Serbian artist/letterer Nenad Cviticanin and Cork based colourist Joe Griffin.

The campaign is currently at €1,000 of the €2,500 needed for the campaign to be successful.

So check out the preview pages on the campaign page and maybe you’ll be inspired to pledge to the campaign.

Out of Sight KickStarter page.

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