Irish Comic Art Picks August

Irish Comic Art Picks. Pages, commissions, doodles, works in progress and everything in between, this feature shows you some of the best work by Irish Comic Artists from around the web every month. Feel free to submit work and links through any ICN links on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Stephen on Twitter. Remember, support artists and follow their links.

James Seymour – Yoda.

Brian Burke – Hellboy.

Dee McDonnell.

Declan Shalvey (line art) and Jordie Bellaire (colour art) – Wolverine Generations #1 (variant cover)

Eoin Marron (line art) and Chris O’Halloran (colour art) – page from Centipede #2.

Donna Black – “Broken”.

Ellie Wright (colour art) – Papergirls (line art by Cliff Chiang).

Dee Cunniffe (colour art) – Sandman (line art by Jim Lee).

Twisted Doodles.

Luca Pizzari – Kull Eternal WIP.

Leonie O’Moore.

Debbie Jenkinson.

Barry O’Sullivan – page for volume 2 of Kayfabe anthology.

Niall Byrne – Adam West tribute.

John McFarlane – Jon Snow print.

Tara O’Connor.

Stuart McCune – The Human Beings #4 cover art.

PJ Holden – Savage Dragon.

John McGuinness – Atomic Blonde fanart.

John Devlin – Vicar Amelia commission.

Jason Browne.

Alan Hurley.

Clara Dudley.

Nick Roche (line art) – Doctor Aphra variant cover (colour art by Jordan Boyd).

Aaron Losty (line art) and Becca Carey (design/layout/colour art) – The Waves That Break print.

Julie Nick – pinup for 100 Times deluxe edition.

Leeann Hamilton – Wonder Woman print.

India Swift (line art) and Michael Doig (colour art) – Girl and the Glim page.

Charlie Aabo – Florita Fuego.

Phil Murphy – connecting cover for Adventure Time #4.

Gar Molloy – Neko the Kitty #26.

Claire McLoughlin – Warcraft fan art.

Matthew Shiell.

Emilie – The Adventure Zone fan art.

Brian Naughton.

Liadh Young.

Tracy Deines.

Ciaran Lucas.

Nathan Stockman (line art) – Spider-man: Renew Your Vows #10 (colour art by Arbutov).

Jim Lavery – Logan/Wolverine.

Rosie Haghighi – Page of comic for Volume 3 of Lilies Anthology.

Brian Corcoran – Spider-man.

Anna Fitzpatrick.


Rapha Lobosco – Hack/Slash print.

Adam Law.

Eoghan Kerrigan.

Patrick Mulholland – Zero Jumper teaser art.

Robert Carey – WIP.

Olly Cunningham – Black Lines comics.

Derek Dwyer – untitled comic project WIP.

Alfie Gallagher – Joker.

Stefanie Reville.

Rebecca Reynolds.

Phil Dunne – The Flash.


Gareth Luby – Deadpool sketch card.

Ashwin Chacko – teaser 2-page spread from book2 of Fantasical Sombrero.

Louise Fitzpatrick.

Pete Marry (line art) and Dee Cunniffe (colour art) – ‘Debt’ (Fort Night Comics).

Gary O’Donnell.

SJ Moloney – solar eclipse inspired sketch.

Nathan Donnell – Batgirls and Batwoman sketch cover.

Triona Farrell (colour art) – Piper teaser page ( line art by Jeff Stokely).

Luke Healy – The Adventure Zone fan art.

Matt Griffin – Montparnasse 19 blu-ray cover art.

Stephen Graham.

Shane O’Sullivan – Beastman WIP.

Stephen Byrne – Justice League / Power Rangers #5 cover.

John Cullen – 1039 : Transform.

PJ Holden (line art) and Len O’Grady (colour art) – page from 2000AD prog 2042.

John McCrea – DareDevil.

Dearbhla Kelly – sketch of the statue of David.

Cormac Finan.

Philip Murray.

Stephen Mooney (line art) and Triona Farrell (colour art) – Half Past Danger 2 teaser page.

Naomi Bolger – Rick and Morty fan art.

Conor Hogan – Breaking Bad fan art.

Isabell v.M.

Cian Tormey – Corvus Glaive WIP.

Eoin Barclay – Han Solo.

Colm Griffin – Spider-man fan comic.

Darren Nesbitt – Joker.

John Quigley.

Will Sliney (line art) and Triona Farrell (colour art) – variant cover for Half Past Danger 2.

Anthea West – The Adventure Zone fan art.

Ruairí Coleman – Batman commission.

Claire Duggan.

Eoin Coveney – art from The Alienist: Inhuman Natures strip in 2000AD.

Ian Fay.

Kieran McKeown.

Katie Fleming – Defenders fan art.

Tara Ferguson (line art) and Rebecca Reynolds (colour art) – Clone teaser art.

Karl O’Rowe – J-Nightwing and Bosozoku Harley.

Clare Foley – Pickle Riiick sketch.

Philip Barrett – Dexy / Savage Town art.

John White.

Paul Bolger – The Night King / Game of Thrones fan art.

Sean Northridge – WIP.

Kevin Keane – Samurai Jack commission.

Hayley Mulcahy.

@ztoical – Four of Cups for Girls Drawin Girls tarot deck.

Stephen Ward – sneaking in a photo study I did in Manga Studio.

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