ArtCred Where ArtCred Is Due

ArtCred has been a big button issue in the comics industry for quite a while now. It isn’t simply that you aren’t putting a name on a post, you are taking money or work or the possibility of both from a creator. If a post goes viral on social media, how does this help a creator or creators if you haven’t mentioned them or tagged their social media account(s)? That’s the reason why I will always tag creators on reviews and posts about their work where possible. There is no use in reviewing a comic if someone can’t go and find them (I’ve actually had comments from creators that the site does help get their books some sales). This is where I have to show credit to Stephen Ward for painstakingly going through a month’s worth of art posts and crediting each and every artist (and where applicable the inker and colourist). You can check out a history of those posts here.

So why am I bringing this up today? Well there was another incident on social media last week where (it seems like) perpetual victim John Cullen was not credited again (I have posted the piece in question). I think this where ArtCred is a big issue. Webcomics. It is so easy to take a webcomic and post it again especially with NHOJ where often they are done in one commentaries on various aspects of life. Some people just forget or just don’t see what the issue is. I think is beholden on comic readers in particular to get people to credit creators especially if want to see them keep creating. Personally, I want me some more Gramfel. Keep your eye out for offenders and, politely, suggest that might throw some credit out to the creator(s).

If you would like to help NHOJ keep going, you can also go to John Cullen’s Patreon page.