Keeping The Momentum Going, Marketing In Irish Comics

I was just looking at Revolve Comics‘ post about the upcoming release of “Autumn” (Solstice Issue 4) and it got me thinking about momentum and marketing in Irish comics. A lot of the time it can be out of sight, out of mind in comics. Publishing multiple issues certainly helps to keep people thinking about you. We have already seen two issues of Solstice this year (“Spring” came out around Enniskillen Con and “Summer” came out for Dublin Comic Con). However, Revolve Comics, along with the likes of Buttonpress Publications who are also show excellent productivity (Jason Browne appears to be part machine), don’t rely on product alone. They also do a great job at marketing themselves in between issues. Clever ideas like Jason Browne’s blank cover competitions also keep readers invested. The usual idea of those particular competitions is to get a character related to the blank cover plus a Buttonpress character. You win if you get the Buttonpress Facebook page some likes. It is a clever way to get your readers involved in the marketing of your books.

Another creative team who seem to be on the right track when it comes to marketing are the Neon Skies crew. Barely a week goes by without Kevin Keane or Ciaran Marcantonio posting some piece of art or some update about the process involved in getting the book out. Only the other day, Ciaran posted some tips about editing while talking about getting the book to Miriam Abuin to letter. They have even had exclusive prints available at cons so they have something to sell to fans before the book is available (they had one at Dublin Comic Con and they will have one at ICE). They’ve even set up a dedicated Twitter account for the project. People are already thinking about the book before then can get it. I think other creators could learn something about marketing their stuff from these examples and, being as they work in Irish comics, they will probably be more than happy to give you some advice and help you promote your stuff.