Comics out this week (4/Oct/2017)

Here’s this weeks round-up of comics released featuring Irish comic people as part of the creative team. So check them out when you’re picking up comics this week.

Also, if any creators have a comic released on any week, feel free to let us know so we can include it in that weeks round-up. You can contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

All Star Batman #14

Written by Scott Synder, Rafael Albuqerque and Rafael Scavone.
Line art by Rafael Albuquerque and Sebastian Fiumara.
Colour art by Jordie Bellaire.

Eugenic #1

Written by James Tynion IV.
Line art by Eryk Donovan.
Colour art by Dee Cunniffe.

Beano #3905

Number 13 and Les Pretend stories written and illustrated by Alan Ryan.

Hawkeye #11

Written by Kelly Thompson.
Line art by Leonardo Romero.
Colour art by Jordie Bellaire.

Centipede #3

Written by Max Bemis.
Line art by Eoin Marron.
Colour art by Chris O’Halloran.

Fruit Ninja #2

Written by Nathan Cosby.
Line art by Ruairi Coleman and Scott Brown.
Colour art by Alonso Espinoza and Dearbhla Kelly.

Royals #9

Written by Al Ewing.
Pencils by Javier Rodriguez.
Inks by Álvaro López.
Colour art by Jordie Bellaire.

The Green Hornet ’66 meets The Spirit #4

Written by Fred Van Lente.
Line art by Bob Q.
Colour art by Dearbhla Kelly .
Letters by Travis Lanham.

Beautiful Canvas #4

Written by Ryan K Lyndsay.
Line art by Sami Kivela.
Colour flats by Louise Fitzpatrick.
Colour art by Triona Farrell.
Letters by Ryan Ferrier.

Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella #1

Written by Shawn Aldridge.
Line art by Rapha Lobosco.
Colour art by Chris O’Halloran.
Letters by Crank!.

Punisher Platoon #1

Written by Garth Ennis.
Line art by Goran Parlov.
Colour by Jordie Bellaire .

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