Comics Events For The Remainder of 2017

As much as it has become nearly impossible to keep up to date on new creators and books, the emergence or return of so many new conventions has made our jobs pretty interesting. Inspired by my recent Future Conventions Panel with Carol Connolly at Octocon, I’ve decided to post a list of upcoming events for the remainder of 2017. As always, if we are missing anything, let us know.

October 21st, Wynn Hotel, Dublin
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The latest edition has had some venue issues but they have settled on the Wynn Hotel on Dublin’s Abbey Street. The Geek Mart is the place to pick up back issues, small press book, manga, anime, comic art, geeky crafts and jewellery. Entrance is free.

October 28th, Nerve Centre, Derry
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Returning after a hiatus is ComicCity Fest which has been one of my favourite events to attend. The laid back atmosphere where small press and named creators stand side by side allows people to really interact artists and writers. Glenn Fabry has already been announced. Another free event.

October 30th, Dublin Food Co-op, Newmarket
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Returning for a third time, Dublin Comic Arts Fest, brought to you by the team behind the Comics Lab, focuses on small press creators. A great place to support upcoming writers and artists.

November 4th & 5th, The Promenade, Enniscorthy

A brand new event featuring guest speakers, cosplay competition, exhibitors, a gaming zone with retro consoles and trading card games, vendors selling loads of comics, figures and all sorts of geeky items and loads more. Announced creators include Michael Carroll and O’Brien Press will be doing portfolio reviews.