Kickstarter campaign for Bubbles O’Seven in You Only Swing Twice.

From the Kickstarter page:

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!”

On his fourth mission, YOU ONLY SWING TWICE, Bubbles O’Seven must head further afield, to the Land of the Rising Sun and apprehend The Snow King, another former subject of the SpIWIT program also known as Specimen 424.

Previously on Bubbles O’Seven

The attempt by the revived MI7 to create animals capable of “enemy” infiltration and spying on persons of interests on foreign soil who might pose a threat to national security was a disaster. All the animals on the SpIWIT (Species Intelligence Weapon Integrated Taskforce) programme escape, with the exception of one who chose to remain. Specimen 511 – considered the one success from the experimental procedure – is now in the employ of MI7, tasked with rounding up the rogue animal agents before they themselves do more harm than good. For new agents who have only just stumbled into the world of Bubbles, below are pages from the first three missions, the artwork by Matt Rooke (#1), Lee Killeen (#2) and Mike Hartigan (#3).

The Team

Overseeing the documentation of this mission, Team 511 will comprise the regular crew of Gráinne McEntee (Script); Matt Rooke (Cover Art and Editor); Mike Stock (Letters); Kieran Squires and Charlie Hogg (Poster pinup). New agents Kevin McHugh and Katie Fleming (no relation to Ian) will be taking care of two guest pinups, and on main art duty, we are pleased to welcome to the troupe, Phil Buckenham. Phil has his own creator-owned title, Rented To The Dead, as well as being a contributor to Vols 2-3 of Metal Made Flesh (Subversive Comics), Markosia’s British Anthology Vol 2, Brett Uren’s Torsobear Vol 2 and is currently working on Warning and Dead Inside. He’s also JUST been enlisted to produce a set of sketch cards for Marvel Comics and Upper Deck. You can see some examples of his beautiful, dynamic style below.

The Kickstarter is the fourth mission for Bubbles O’Seven. The campaign includes digital and printed pledge levels, as well as levels where you can get the previous missions.

You Only Swing Twice Kickstarter page.

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