A Few Female Doctor Who Picks (Or How Irish Artists Saved An Outfit For Me)

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who. I’m one of the ones that didn’t lose their mind over the female Doctor announcement. However, I had to say that I wasn’t impressed by the first official picture of her outfit. Coming from a Sixth Doctor fan, that may seem a bit strange but it just seem right to me. Taste is subjective I suppose. This was before some artists decided to step in and show their love and excitement for the new Doctor and this outfit. I love when artists do this and it actually increased my excitement for the new series and made me think “the suit might not look exactly the same as this (probably photoshopped) image”. Usually, I’d wait for Stephen Ward to select pics but I’m gonna steal his bit and show some of the pics that got me excited and changed my mind on the suit for now. Keep it up guys!