Gentlemen Ghouls Return in Volume 31 of Aces Weekly

Martin Hayes, Alfie Gallagher and Bram Meehan join forces to bring you the return of The Gentlemen Ghouls in “What Is And What Should Never Be” today in Aces Weekly. The new story runs for 7 weeks.

London, October 1972. In a chilling turn of events, the Gentlemen Ghouls, Professor Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mister Simon Bathurst seek the help of Detective Inspector Jack Pike and Detective Sergeant Paddy Roach as loved ones are in trouble and trouble brews over the sky of London.

As our team of scholars, bruisers and reprobates cross paths with decadent rock stars and familiar foes will they rise to the challenge or sink like a lead balloon…

This latest instalment of The Gentlemen Ghouls is a continuation from the first volume “Leper Messiah” which can be viewed in Volume 21 of Aces Weekly.